Julie-Anne, lawyer, 2 children, Brussels, 13/12/2020

Family Time Saver is a great service: when you are mom or dad and you work, you really don't have much time to take care of all the little errands that you have to keep doing (birthday present for a little one classmate, urgent disguise, birthday party decorations, booking of courses, etc.); but Family Time Saver does it all for you, and even more with a smile !! And much more: FamilyTimeSaver found us a great nanny for our kids. Tali, the creator and CEO, is brilliant, resourceful and super friendly. In short, we recommend 1000%!"

Véronique, interpretor, 2 children, Wavre 04/04/2019

"Thank you very much for your suggestions ... Thank you for your help at a time when several elements of my personal organization have slipped awaty"

Geneviève, decorator, 1 child, Linkebeek 01/04/2019

" Family Time Saver or how to make life easier: proactive - reactive & positive! A pure joy to be able to count on Tali and her team ... each proposal is made on the basis of the personality of each member of the family"

Yifat, Product Manager, 2 children, Forest 13/11/2018

"Thanks Tali for helping once again! Through your network I was able to contact the baker that made my husband’s birthday cake at a short notice and a very fair price! You’re always there when I need you! In person and through an extensive network of enterprises offering a great service at a great price"

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