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To ease your busy days and give you freedom to balance your work and family time, Family Time Saver offers:

  • a unique service, personalized for each family.
  • prompt responses to any specific or regular requests.


what can we do to help you?


Are you planning a birthday party, a christening or a party for your teenager? We can help you find:


🎉 a venue

🎉 invitations and gift bags

🎉 decorations

🎉 entertainment

🎉 catering

🎉 something more personal at home


We can provide you with all the tools and information, and help you prepare, to boot! 


 Expecting a new arrival? Family Time Saver will accompany you on this exciting adventure! 


🌸 Preparing the gift registry and birth announcement.

🌸 Organising a babyshower and invitations.

🌸 Finding a doula, a physiotherapist or setting up a nursery.

🌸 Hiring a photographer.

🌸 Assistance with rentals, loans, or purchase of pregnancy clothing or any equipment you might need.


Whatever it is, we are here for you. You never need to worry :-)




🍀 A last minute care-giver for a sick child.

🍀 A babysitter for a night out? 

🍀 Someone to pick the kids up from school.

🍀 Someone to take the children to and from their extracurricular activities.


Family Time Saver will help you find the right person for any unique need you might have!





⛺ We will help you find kid-friendly accommodations wherever you are travelling (hotel, camping, Airbnb).


 🛫 Whatever your destination, we will provide suggestions on activities with the children during your holidays, and help you organize your family’s perfect trip. 




Don’t have time to look for afterschool activities or  camp for school days off?


 ✅ Theme, area, price, language.


Tell us what you’re looking for and we will take care of the search for you! 



­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ RESEARCH/RESERVATIONS


🍽 Advice and/or reservations for kid-friendly restaurant or activities.

🎼 Date-night organization at a restaurant, concert, or whatever you’d like (we can take care of the babysitter, too).

🎟🎟🎪 Ideas for family outings



At Family Time Saver, we can take care of it all!




Running errands during lunch hour or ordering online after a hard day of work is not easy.

Luckily, Family Time Saver is here to take that weight of your shoulders!


🎁 Buying birthday or holiday gifts.

🎁 Advice on where to buy specific clothing (for ski, trekking, or costumes), or picking it up for you.

🎁 Punctual purchases (Christmas Tree, Thanksgiving decorations or the Turkey!).

🎁 School supplies.

🎁 Ideas for or purchasing presents for children of all ages.


Delegate your tasks to us with total peace of mind!





💁‍♂ Dad would like to learn a new language?

💁‍♀ Mom is looking for a yoga class?


Family Time Saver also takes care of the parents!



🌸 Places where you can practice collective gardening

🌻 recommendations to tend to your garden, where to buy your seeds, find beautiful garden accessories etc ...


👩‍🌾 Family Time Saver has a green thumb!



We offer several subscription plans that allow you to ask for our services according to your needs!!

1-month = 250€ TTC



  • Unlimited requests
  • One time payment

Nanny search not included

3-months =420€



  • Automatically charged every 3 months
  • One time payment

* Nanny search excluded

6-months = 810€



  • Unlimited requests
  • One time payment
  • Automatically charged every 6 months
  • Possibility to put membership on hold once per pay period (max 1 month)

        12 months = 1500€



  • Unlimited requests
  • One time payment
  • Automatically charged every 12 months
  • Possibility to put membership on hold twice per pay period (max 1 month)



For more information, please check our "How does it work?"  section

They trust us

Carole, maman de 2 princesses (2,5 ans et 4 mois) 


Bonjour Tali,

Je viens juste par ce mail vous dire combien nous avons été satisfaits de vos services.

Je ne suis pas très réseaux sociaux mais je fais bien la publicité autour de moi :).

À bientôt (qui sait, une maman débordée a toujours besoin d'aide :)).


Caroline, maman de 2 ado de 11 et 14 ans


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