How do I become a member ?



Contact us at 0476/59.57.58 or fill out our form  to start building our relationship so that we can serve you as efficiently as possible . After we get to know each other, we will send you an invoice and a welcome email so you can start requesting the services you want and need.


How can I send my concierge requests?


It’s very simple! Any way that suits you works for us: text message, Whatsapp, phone call, email or Facebook Messenger.

Family Time Saver will simply take 24 hours to process your request, and you’re good to go!


Is there a limited number of requests per month?


Our concierge service is unlimited! We accept all requests related to your nuclear family (you, your spouse and your children) and that will make your family organization easier.


I only have one request, do I need to take the subscription?


Yes. We require all clients to be members so that we may better track your requests and assist you in the best way possible. In our experiences, parents often realize how many services they’re looking for once they get a taste.


If you’re unsure about committing, we welcome you to try our discovery package  – an introductory one-month membership special offer for first time clients that can give you a chance to get acquainted with us.


Will I pay more for service providers through the concierge?


No. Indeed, it's the exact opposite ! At Family Time Saver, not only are we always looking for what is best for you based on your request and needs, we are also looking out for a deal! We strive to find you great prices, and we do not take any commissions with our vendors because our only goal is to help you. In fact, we have set up partnerships with many partners for exclusive deals and discounts for our members! Check out our partners page for more details.


Is my membership only for one person?


Affiliation to Family Time Saver is valid for the entire family unit, both parents and children. So, if mom is looking for a gym on the way home from work, and dad needs someone to pick the kids up from school because mom is going to the gym,  we can take care of it all :-)


How to stop my subscription?


To cancel your membership, we ask to be notified 1 month before the end date. If you do not cancel the subscription by this date, your membership will renew automatically according to the pre-set schedule.


Note that 6-month and annual members are entitled to put their membership on hold for two weeks every 6 months, so don’t feel you need to cancel if you are going away and won’t be using our services for a short period of time. .


What is your nanny policy?


We will help you find a nanny via our network and/or placing ads on specialized sites. Family Time Saver also helps you find a replacement for the candidate if she withdraws during the duration of the subscription.


Family Time Saver is not responsible for the nannies found, nor for their actions and does not intervene in paying the nanny’s salary, nor in drafting the contracts.


How is Family Time Saver reimbursed for purchases made on behalf of clients?


For purchases whose payments are made by Family Time Saver on behalf of customers (i.e. registration to sports clubs, clothing or gift purchases, etc.), the payment is to be made upon delivery or by transfer, with prior approval of Family Time Saver.  All rates are shared with customers, before purchase, for agreement.


Do you also make home deliveries?


Of course! Delivery rates are shared with customers before purchase for agreement.


What is Family Time Saver’s confidentiality Policy?


Your Family Time Saver membership is based on trust above all. We do not share any of your information with any third parties or advertising companies.


We expect this confidentiality  to be reciprocal, and that our members not to share any data presented to them via Family Time Saver, such as names or personal information of babysitters, nannies, delivery men, etc.


Do you delegate any services to third parties?


Family Time Saver is a Concierge Service and we cannot replace professional agencies for certain requests. Just like a concierge at a hotel, we can help to find and arrange the required third parties, and communicate your requests and needs to our partners for services such as:


- Housekeeping and interns

- Real estate

- Booking of plane tickets

- Holiday itinerary for the whole family


Can’t find the answer to your question?


Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to inform you.


Contact Us at

+32 (0) 476 59 57 58

Ham Street 72,

1180 Uccle

Brussels, Belgium


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