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Lockdown - ACTIVITIES📋

🆕Many posts and new Facebook groups are circulating to help parents keep children busy during confinement 💡


To help you find your way around, Family Time Saver has compiled everything by theme ✅ manual activities, games, books and audio stories  📚, educational games, sports activities, home school, creative kits 🔧 


Some of them are in french, others in english but we have lots of time to learn how to use Google Translate 😜


And for those who are still afraid of staying home with the kids, don't hesitate to read these wise words by Silo & Sage : https://www.facebook.com/siloandsage/photos/a.556734461066347/3576388125767617


 All together, confined at home, we will beat this virus and live a unique experience with our children.


SIf you have other good tips, feel free to put them in the comments and we will add them to the blog.

Ideas of games and activities

Stories and audio books

So many choice to keep the children entertained with Lirtuel, Boules d'Histoire and Taleming

Educational games

"Welcome to lululataupe.com, an interactive and printable games site for children in kindergarten and primary classes. Online games are sorted by age. In each age group, children aged 2 to 10 and over will find games to learn and have fun "

Home schooling

First THE bible to find all the resources to do school at home is Bibilio Sans FrontiÚres

Then there are other sites to support you in this project

Language learning

3 great websites to learn a new language :




General knowledge

Fun and educational activities to raise awareness of the environnement ! Outdoor and indoor: DrÎle de PlanÚte


These 2 websites will give  you a complete list of all museums offering virtual visits: https://www.travelandleisure.com/attractions/museums-galleries/museums-with-virtual-tours et 


Creative kits

Now is probably a good time to order creative kits to keep kids occupied!


Pandacraft sends a complete kit once a month that keeps children occupied for hours. We're a fan because:

- You don't have to prepare or buy anything. All the material is included.

- It's educational and REALLY interesting

- The subjects are varied: Egypt, water, the human body...


Customefy offers creative kits oriented around two axes: artistic movements and creativity. These kits are the collaboration of Art and Fun (Kits Monet, van Gogh, Matisse, Mondrian, Calder) and Customefy, (Kits princess, animals, sport, hobby)


You will find PLENTY online and on Facebook. At Family Time Saver, we are huge fans of Fit Tonic which airs on the RTBF, every morning around 6.30 am. You can record it or whatc by Auvio  : https://www.rtbf.be/auvio/emissions/detail_fit-tonic?id=1822

We love it because they have lessons for adults, for children, for teenagers and because it makes us move!,


In another style, for smaller children, here are some fun ideas: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2639269676308046

Videoconference or how to stay in touch with classmates

We told you about it on our Family Time Saver, Facebook page, our children participated in online workshops organized with other friends and classmates and the children LOVED it.


There are many possibilities for organizing this type of videoconference. We used Zoom.Us but Hangout is very good as well.

Blogs to follow for other ideas

A new blog to follow absolutely for all  good educational activity ideas ! Rock Your Education and more specifically during this confinement period: https://rockyoureducation.com/la-creativite-est-contagieuse-faites-la-tourner-einstein/


We also really like the tips from a traveling mom that apply perfectly to our confinement needs:https://poesybysophie.com/ecole-en-tour-du-monde-methode-et-materiel-pedagogique/



And finally, the new Facebook group that will keep you company during this reality, we hope, temporary: Bons plans Kids @Home... pendant des semaines

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    If you have young kids at home, you know that if you do not find a way to entertain them, they will entertain themselves (and very often that includes breaking apart some treasured household items
accidentally of course.)

    Here are some fun indoor games you can get to help your kids learn and play at the same time. https://shopsellers.in/top-5-indoor-games-for-kids/