Cafes and kids friendly restaurants !


Going out for a drink with friends or having dinner at the restaurant is supposed to be a nice moment! ☕️


Unfortunately, when you’re a parent, it’s not always the case ! 😱


With the reopening of Le Haricot Magique and the opening of two new “stroller coffee shops”, Family Time Saver had to recommend places where you can dine or drink something with your children with a complete peace of mind. 


🛎 Feel free to contact us for a reservation or other suggestions!


Find below our suggestions of a selection of places where it is good to come with your family. 


Le Family Café* at Mamzelle Colibri


A meeting place for parents and their children, where one comes to have a snack without being afraid to disturb and where we find all the facilities for small and older children: changing table, high chairs, play area, drinks and good things to eat, healthy, local and ecological. In the same spirit as the shop, the coffee will aim to reduce its waste to the maximum.

Mamzelle Colibri also offers workshops for young and old: massage, babywearing, parenting ...

* Opening of the Family Café on September 28, 2019

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A kid friendly coffee shop and zero waste in Uccle. This is the place we dreamed of as children, the place we all need now as parents. You can meet with family or friends while children have fun in a space specially designed for them.

* Opening scheduled in october

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The Baby Café at Haricot Magique


A cozy space for young and old, where everything has been designed according to families needs and where you can take the time to relax, enjoy drinks and snacks, share tips with other parents ... or just play with some friends.

Parking for strollers, high chairs, adapted sanitary, healthy food for the whole family: everything is designed to facilitate outings with young children. The Haricot Magique also offers workshops of several types for babies and children up to 8 years.

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Le Garage à Manger


The Garage à Manger is a restaurant, bar-cafe in a real garage, transformed into a new space welcoming and gourmet: industrial atmosphere, vintage deco and very successful design, large open kitchen, small grocery store ... 

It’s a comfortable and playful space for all ages: Sofas and armchairs for the adults, a caravan and books for the children and direct access to the Pêle-Mêle bookshop.

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La Cantine du Chaperon


Feel like enjoying a delicious treat in an original setting, with or without kids running around ? All day long, including Sundays, the "Cantine du Chaperon" offers our chef's specials, fairy tale-style : pebbles soup, Little red riding hood's basket, Hansel & Gretel's house, the ogre's delight, wolf teeth... Our menu is not only fun and delicious, it is also health - and quality - conscious.

On the ground floor, you will find the Unusual Library that offers our very special selection of children books, books we especially love and which are a bit on the unusual side : peculiar illustrations books, pop-up albums, books that are very very big or very very small, and classics which we just can't read often enough. You will also find in this room vintage toys.

Kids can help themselves, sit down and enjoy. No "Please Don't Touch" signs in the Unusual Library.

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La Tricoterie


Every Sunday, La Tricoterie invites you to enjoy delicious brunch and to participate in a varied program of activities for all ages and all tastes. Animators welcome your children from age 3 in a beautiful space equipped with various games. A small reading nook, an area to move (tunnel, stilts, seesaw, plots, etc.), toys to build and use their imagination (kaplas, Duplo, animals, wooden blocks, etc.) and materials for artists (painting, modeling, drawing) ... Enjoy your brunch while your kids are having fun and feel welcome to play with them too !

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Brasserie RN 


Ideally located next to the centre of Waterloo, Brasserie RN Waterloo is decorated in an elegant and contemporary style. The chef and his team prepare a tasteful brasserie cuisine as well as creative specials with seasonal ingredients. Heated terrace, garden, Indoor playroom and outdoor play den for children. Great cocktail bar on the first floor. Private dining space for events.

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The Chicago Café


The Chicago Cafe is a restaurant, bar-café that offers tasty dishes that appeal to the whole family, made with an original touch and good products: burgers, croque-monsieur, salads, cheese-cakes ... And menus for children ! A space for children with games and books is available.

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