How to involve family members in household chores ?


With the first day of school around the corner, this is the right time to implement new habits at home ! 😀


Are you looking for tools to encourage family members to participate in the house chores in a fun and positive way ? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


Family Time Saver  helps you find the right support and customize it to fit best in your family organization. ✍🏻


It's up to you to define what you need from the suggested ideas, such as the ones below, and we'll take care of preparing it for you. 🛎



Charter of tasks according to age 


First and foremost, we thought it was important to remind our clients what types of tasks are suitable for each age group. The site Your Modern Family  proposes a chart of tasks according to age. You can have it sent to you right here : 



Table of organization of household chores


A simple way to involve everyone in the house's tasks is to use a weekly chores chart where each name is mentioned according to the task they have to perform so that it suits everyone. To make sure the table is understandable for all ages, make sure to use pictures as well.

This one is extracted from the Spruce Crafts  ⬇️


The motivation chart


The idea here is to value the action with a reward. If the tasks are done correctly, the children get a star. When they have reached a certain amount of stars that you have predefined, the children receive a reward of their choice (a privileged moment with dad and/or mom, a board game evening...)

You can find this magnetic one on Amazon.


The behavior chart 


With different panels indicating different types of behavior (good, great, can do better, wants to invest in family life), we pin the behavior of the day with a clothespin. They are listed in a table and when the behavior is generally good the child receives a reward. The type of behavior can be adapted to the needs of the family.

You can find fun ones to download on :


The behavior chart
The behavior chart.pdf
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The purpose of these different media is to no longer give the feeling that your requests are orders, but to create in children the desire to invest themselves in the spirit of cooperation !  🎒


Family Time Saver  takes this opportunity to wish you all a great return to work and school ! 🤝


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