Give a second life to your clothes, objects sorted during the summer !

If you’re also taking the opportunity of children being on camp or with their grandparents to declutter, remember that Family Time Saver is there to give you ideas on what to do with the clothes, objects and toys that you have carefully sorted and which you no longer need !


Here are some suggestions by Family Time Saver :

Once you have chosen the option you would like, we can help you put it into action !



Recycling in exchange for a voucher


Several clothing stores allow you to deposit your clothes in the store in exchange for a voucher.


Cyrillus  : 1 bag = 1 voucher of 5 euros valid from 20€ of purchase on all collections.

Info :


C&A : 1 bag = 1 voucher of 15% valid on a future purchase. 

Info :


H&M : 1 bag = 1 voucher of 15% valid on a future purchase. 

Info :


In these 3 shops, all old clothes and household linen are accepted (except shoes (except for C&A who accepts them), leather accessories, duvets, pillows, and lingerie) regardless of their brand or condition, provided they are clean and dry.

Donations to charities or for recycling


Clothing, shoes, furniture, books, bicycles, appliances (even broken) etc. The most diverse objects are gathered for resale in stores. The profits of the resale will finance actions to help the poorest in Belgium or abroad.


Les Petits Riens and Oxfam :

You can put clean clothes in good condition, packed in an airtight plastic bag in their different containers. You can also go to their various stores for all kinds of donations. They even make pick ups from your house with an appointment !

Info :


Operation Love Bag at OKAÏDI-OBAÏBI : Eco-designed bags (100% recycled) are offered to customers, invited to bring their children's clothes, linens and paired shoes in store, whatever the brand or their condition and without quantity limit.

Info :

Neighborhood flea markets


You can rent a place at a flea market near your home (on average between 30 and 40 euros for the day) to resell your sorted items.

A nice moment to share with the family.

Children can choose for themselves the items they want to get rid of and sell them for some pocket money!


Note: plan an early wake up for setting up and a late evening for clearing. And hope for good weather !


Second hand


You select the articles in very good condition (clothing, childcare article, toys, books) that you want to put on sale, then you contact the shop of your choice to make an appointment and drop off your stuff.

After selecting what is fittable for sale, the shop is responsible for putting the items on sale and gives you an average of 30% of the amount of the sale.


BabyECOstore for purchase and selling of used and second-hand baby items

Info :


BBKalinethe largest second-hand shop in Belgium

You can deposit one box of clothing from 1 to 10 months, per family, for the ongoing season. You can deposit toy, games and nursery items all year round. 

Info :


Pêle-Mêle : buy and sell books (novels, essays, antiques, art books), comics, DVDs, CDs, LPs (used and new) and board games or video games (Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox).

Here, items that can be resold are paid to you directly.

Info :


Family Time Saver can keep you informed of flea market dates near your home and book a location for you and collect and deposit clothes at charities or consignment stores.


You now have all the necessary information to start your decluttering in all serenity !


With the help of Family Time Saver, our clients gain space while doing good for the planet, for others and for their wallets as well. 😉

For more information: contact us at or at 0476 / 59.57.58


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