Vintage furniture and toys, restored and personalized !


Are you looking to refurnish your child’s room 🛌 or plan a new room for baby to come? đŸ‘¶Â 

Are you looking for authentic pieces, toys that remind you of your childhood?

Family Time Saver unveils its selection of brands that offer furniture and vintage toys, restored and customized to create unique pieces.



Little Forest Belgique : 

Unique furniture and decoration for small (and big) children.

Little Forest offers, as per their discoveries and desires, a series of small furniture, objects of decoration found, created, restored or transformed. Unique pieces and qualities, just waiting to live a new life under your roof.

They also take care of your announcements, invitations and thank you cards, personalized posters on recycled paper of course, according to your desires!

Contact : 0497 53 98 46


Perles de Chine : 

How not to fall for the customized vintage furniture by Perles de Chine? 

On its online store, you will find furniture, toys, special child furniture ... We don’t know where to look, it's so beautiful and original.

We recommend a tour on the site because in addition to proposing a beautiful selection of objects, the staging of the photos (with his pretty tribe of 5 children) is just sublime. His account instagram is to fall !

Yes, we are fans!

Infos :


La Boutique de Caroline : 

If you live in Brussels, the Boutique de Caroline is a must.

In the front of the shop, a sharp selection of new objects, clothing and accessories.

In the back, second hand branded clothes in perfect condition for children aged 0-14 yo. You will also find a beautiful selection of furniture and vintage toys. If you have branded clothes that you want to resell, you can contact the store to offer them for sale.

La Boutique de Caroline :

Rue de l'Amazone 27, 1050 Ixelles

02 537 30 03


Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier said: "Nothing is lost, nothing is created: everything is transformed. "

Here, it is quite the case and it is rather successful. 😉


Family Time Saver remains at your service to carry out the impossible missions of your choice.

Don't hesitate to contact Family Time Saver at☎ 0476595758 or


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