10 (really) Zero Waste gift ideas for kids

As every year, Family Time Saver shares with you its suggestions of gifts for Christmas 🎅 Gifts to personalize, zero waste, useful... 


We begin with the series everyone is waiting for:  the ZERO WASTE GIFTS that take ZERO PLACE for kids. 


Ideas and examples, we have gathered everything for a complete peace of mind 😉


This year, we're going interactive so if you have other ideas, feel free to share them with other parents in the comment section of our Facebook page!


1. An entry or a subscription to a museumÂ đŸŽ«

- The Children Museum : an extraordinary museum where several permanent workshops revolve around a temporary exhibition (currently: "wings to grow up": cooking, architecture, stories, DIY and theater. Card of 10 entries: 70€ 

Info: https://www.childrenmuseum.be/


- The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science : the museum where one never tires of returning to see and see dinosaurs and insects and discover the temporary exhibitions (currently "Antartica") with various workshops suitable for children of all ages. Subscription: 20 € / year


Info: https://www.naturalsciences.be/fr/museum/home



And if you have trouble choosing, why not offer the Museum Pass? For € 50 per year, the Museum Pass gives access to more than 120 museums throughout Belgium, including a large number of participants in Brussels - permanent collections and temporary exhibitions freely or for a significant discount.

Info: https://www.museumpassmusees.be/fr

2. Tickets to a show or to a concert 🎟

Lacking ideas? Here you are:

3. A subscription to a creative kit 🛠

Pandacraft is the ultimate creative kit. Tested and adopted by the children of Family Time Saver, we love it because::

  • it's educational:  we loved the kit with the seeds to plant and the one on the human body.
  • it's convenient for overworked parents: nothing to buy, all the material comes with it!
  • the price : 10€/month for a quiet afternoon with your children and the following days. Definitely worth it!


4. A subscription to a magazine 📰

There are all kinds and for all ages: Tralalire, Popi, Mes premiers J’aime Lire, Wakou, Babar, Pomme d’Api, Okapi

Our suggestions :

  • 7-8 yo : Youpi to develop the child's general culture through stories and games. Riddles, jokes, experiences ...
  • 5-6 yo: Pomme d’Api for beautiful stories and great crafts according to the theme of the month.
  • 2-3 yo: Babar for stories, stickers, coloring, crafts and games very well suited to this age.
  • 9 mo-3 yo: Picoti for stories, nursery rhymes, picture books, hide and seek.

+/- 65€ per subscription for 12 months

5. A subscription to a local library and/or to a toy house đŸŽČ📚

6. An entry to an amusement park or an animal parkÂ đŸŠđŸ”đŸŽ 

Walibi, Popsaland, Planckendael, Pairy Daiza, Parc Astérix, Efteling, Eurodisney...

It's only a matter of budget ;-)

7. A subscription to a closed playground

Always very useful on a rainy day: Kids Fantasyland, Kids Factory, StardustPark, Camelot

8. A subscription or tickets to the movies or a theater 🎬🎭

9. A parent-child workshop 👹‍👧

A parent-child moment is always a good idea :-) A musical workshop or parent / child yoga or a cooking workshop ...There are all kinds, everywhere and for all ages. Here is some inspiration:

  • Music: Songs of hands, feet, nursery games, nursery rhymes, lullabies, rounds and games danced at Jeunesses Musicales or musical awakening at Chaise Musicale...
  • Cuisine : High TĂšche Culinary offers family cooking workshops. Feeling, touching, peeling, pruning, cooking and enjoying independently are ingredients that kids love!
  • Painting: A workshop, out of sight outside as in a cabin. A workshop, where everyone comes to paint freely. A workshop where everyone comes to paint freely. A workshop, open door to a world without judgments. An original idea proposed by Les Ateliers du Jeu du Peindre. 
  • Nature: A workshop Copain des Bois "Au fil des saisons" organised by Casa Verde. Days of immersion in the forest to live with family, as the seasons go by. Sensory experiences, creative workshop, parent-child complicity. A time to live fully where everyone will have the opportunity to live experiences of connection to oneself, to others, to nature. The next will take place on 28/12/2018 on the theme "Winter Days" 

10.Washable and reusable sandwich pouches đŸ„Ș

Yes, it's a little "out of the box" but we tested and the kids loved it!

There are all kinds, in all colors. We let you discover the great collection proposed by >>Sebio.

Our favorite ❀ Snack’n’Go with the different friendly patterns.


Now that you know, feel free to please other parents in lack of ideas and share!

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